Thursday, July 25, 2013

Minion Mania

I've gone a bit minion crazy lately after watching Despicable Me 2. After all, who doesn't want an army of minions to do their nails for them, clean up the house and generally make one laugh? So for the past two Fridays I've been having Happy Meals from McDonalds to get the minion toy and made my own fondant minion at Spark Studios too. Of course, with Monsters University also out, I managed to make a fondant Mike as well as having Randell play mahjong with the minion crew. Now I want to make more fondant minions. Question is, what do I do with them after they are created? I made this one have a sad face because I presumed someone would eat him but apparently my kids at Spark deems he is too cute to be ingested so now he's chilling in my fridge. Ah dilemma.

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