Friday, July 5, 2013

Montreux and More

Kind of crazy that I've done four long hauls and two short hauls in the last 3.5 months. Kind of crazy that I've been on four flights since last Friday. Kind of crazy that I'm now in the lounge waiting for the first of two flights back to Hong Kong. Kind of crazy that it's two 18-hour journeys between Hong Kong and Geneva within THREE DAYS. I should stop complaining about my #firstworldproblems. But it sort of accounts for my lackadaisical approach to blogging these days. These photos are from Montreux, where I was all like, "Wow, nice lake and mountains. What mountain is that?" "Uh, those are what they call THE ALPS?" I'm the lamest world traveller ever. More photos to come soon, maybe when I have my 2.5 layover in Zurich. For now, it's boarding time!

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