Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beauty Notes: Blanc de la Mer The Brightening Essence Intense

You'd never believe it, but I've come to find that La Mer is very much the Marmite of expensive skincare. I know people who swear by it, and people who just poo-poo the entire series. I always personally thought the line was targeted at older, more moisture-starved skin. But count me converted, because I've just dived into my first La Mer experience, and I'm lovin' it. You can imagine that, while concussed, I took pretty good care of my skin. I did copious numbers of masks, put on lavish makeup to go to the supermarket and followed the five-step skincare regimen plus Clarisonic cleaning to the max. Plus I finally managed to finish my Guerlain Terracotta Sun Serum (crap, so crap that the dropper it comes with doesn't even want to suck the serum into its belly so you can't even get it out of the bottle).

It's now been about a week into using Blanc de la Mer's The Brightening Essence Intense, and I feel... intensely brightened. That could be all the extra sleep and the proper care. But it could also be my new amazeballs serum, which feels so good on my fingers I really want to squirt endless pumps of it and lather myself top to toe. My skin just drinks it in, it melts on at the lightest touch. Verdict: LOVE. That said, is it so good that it warrants the US$290 price tag? I mean, I'd rather buy a nice dress than a nice serum. But that said, if you're the kind of person who is already spending that kind of dosh on serum, then this one is now tried, tested and Geek-approved.

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