Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beauty Notes: Organic Shampoo from The Victorian Garden

Ok so I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to organic things. My mom went through an organic phase where she only bought organic vegetables and while I did think it tasted better, I was more inclined to think that it was the placebo effect more than anything. So anyway, this whole spiel was to tell you how I was not convinced when my friend Angela opened up an organic skincare shop online called Little Things in Life and started sprouting terms about how her skin was all dewy and hair silky soft.

Given that I’ve been particularly stressed lately with hair that just felt gross, she essentially passed me the Rosemary & Vanilla Moisturizing shampoo and Orange & Rosemary Nourishing Hair Mask from The Victorian Garden, ordered me to stick to the regime as my hair will probably detox (more on that later) and told me that I will be grateful two weeks later. (She may sound a bit bossy here but we’ve known each other literally all our lives so she’s entitled.)

Anyway, three weeks later, (two weeks of trial + one week of procrastination) here I am writing a post saying yes I’m convinced and in the process learnt that hair can detox and that the reason my hair was kinda gross was that my non-organic shampoo has silicon derivatives that basically coated my hair with plastic and was weighing it down.

So what is hair detox? Throughout the two weeks, it was hard not to reach for my non-organic shampoo as my hair started feeling like a wad of weeds, was super rough and tangled. That apparently is the detoxing phase. However, I sucked it up and now find that my hair is lighter, doesn’t get oily as easily and generally getting compliments from people about how nice my hair looks. Sidenote: hair detox apparently is different from juice detox. Once you’re done, you can’t go back to junk food or in this case, shampoo with silicon elements. The good thing is, you probably wouldn’t want to go back to silicon based products. The products don't come cheap but I find that I’m using less of it and it actually lasts me quite a decent amount of time making it worth it in the long run.

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