Monday, June 25, 2012

Top Model Destination: Macau?

So ShoeGeek was the one who got me into America’s Next Top Model way back in Cycle 4. Alas Naima, we had such hopes for you. And since then, no matter how badly the show has gone and how utterly ridiculous the show is, I’ve somehow managed to find time to watch it even if it’s just streaming the show in the background while I do something else. Sooooo this cycle, US vs UK. I didn’t have high hopes for it but I found it more entertaining that expected. Why? Because of the international exotic location. What is it? Brace yourself girls (and maybe the occasional guy who reads this blog). It’s the hip, happening destination of MACAU! (You were totally thinking I’d say Hong Kong didn’t you?) Well they did make a detour here but dude, Macau? Seriously? Have they run out of places to go?

So onto my observations after watching this. Why on earth is Nicholas Tse considered the Brad Pitt of Asia? Is he still relevant in today’s market besides the fact that he divorces Cecilia Cheung and yet a year later seems to be hinting back at reconciliation? Oh hey, look at that. I guess he is since I somehow recall current information on him.

Also, why would adding silkworms to a shoot make it Asian? Oh wait.. it’s not the silkworms but the clichéd wigs that the models were made to wear. And go sees. Why on earth is House of Siren considered one of Hong Kong’s four most talented designers? Isn’t it a production company? The more I think about it, the more questions I have. I give up. After all, ANTM is pretty much cotton candy when it comes to TV. A big fluff of air.

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