Friday, June 8, 2012

SHOErotica: Rupert Sanderson x Bertrand Mak The Gold Collection

We've been tracking the growth of Rupert Sanderson in Hong Kong since before the brand even launched a standalone store here, so it's really awesome to see new initiatives created exclusively for our market. Makes us feel special! It started with the Hong Kong pump, a shoe based on an existing model that was cut to fit Asian feet better, and now the label's Hong Kong owner/distributor, Bertrand Mak, has put his own stamp on the product -- literally. The dapper (and still single, ladies!) young businessman and budding designer (his own men's leather goods line launches this year) has redone a whole series of Rupert shoes with gold-leaf heels, making a distinctive signature to rival that other guy's red sole -- a discreet but powerful identifying characteristic. Up close, the products are even cooler, because the gold-leaf layering creates a beautiful three-dimensional, vintage-y gilded effect. I'm loving the marriage of nude and gold in the Hong Kong pump and Guide peeptoe (which comes with a gold-leaf pebble as well).

Get them at the On Lan Street store, or online soon!

The making of The Gold Collection is documented below.

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  1. Love your shoe – the color looks so wonderful…

  2. The colour is so, so, so pretty, and those shoes are so cute!

  3. omg! dream shoe!!! want the black and gold one. classic!