Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bag Lady: Vlieger & Vandam Guardian Clutches

Love love love these clutches from Vlieger & Vandam. I'm torn between the gun and the handcuffs. Thinking I might go for the latter but the handcuffs don't come in the tote form and I think I'll probably get more mileage out of the bag if it's not a clutch. That plus the fact that London and Budapest trip is coming in a few weeks so I'm not sure if I should be using shopping quota. Hmm dilemma dilemma.

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  1. how much is Vlieger & Vandam clutch in BK?
    and where is the shop?
    please give me information

    1. Hi HS

      You can order it online via their online shop in the link posted. Enjoy!