Monday, June 11, 2012

Musings on a Muse

Always super excited to get that press kit from YSL... the one filled with thumbnails of this season's goodies. IS THAT A MINI MUSE SHOULDER BAG? I think it is! Thought it was cool when Celine did the Luggage Nano... was psyched when the PS11 became the PS11 mini and minus that stupid buckle that always made it so impractical... but I did not expect to see the Muse reissued in this size and style whatsoever, and what's all the more interesting is how besotted I am, given that I never even liked the Muse in the first place.

Also on the wishlist? Mirrored prism heels on ladylike pumps. Agate earrings that make me as excited as I was when I first got an Arty ring (how heavy are they, I wonder?) That lizard-stamped Chyc bag in the most foresty of forest greens. That homage to Georgia O'Keefe lily cuff/ring/choker. Metal embellished evening wear. And the original Tribute sandal in mirrored purple, something straight out of a Jem cartoon. Can't wait for fall, even though summer is just barely beginning!

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