Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review: Strip House by Harlan Goldstein

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that the day job has me busy with a couple restaurant openings. So much so that I haven’t had time to write about them myself since I was busy hosting media. However, in the weeks that I’ve been hosting journalists at Strip House by Harlan Goldstein, I’ve noticed a definite trend. For the gentlemen who have heard about the establishment, the moment they sit down, they excuse themselves to go to the men’s room. And looking at the above picture, I’m sure you can understand why.

But that’s also one of the reasons I love the restaurant. Now feel free to take my waxing lyrical with a grain of salt as Harlan Goldstein is a client of the day job but I found the food to be enjoyable and while some ladies took offense at the men’s room and the connotation, I found it quite quirky and let’s face it, a talking point, not that Mr G needs any more of those but you get the idea.
Onto the food, if you’re a fan of steak, then this place is a nice option to have in town especially since there's a steak brunch on the weekends. Keep in mind though that it’s wet aged beef so according to foodies, the taste is not as flavourful as dry aged beef. (Both of us Geeks can’t really tell the difference truth be told but then we always were the type of foodies that define food by what we like and don’t like and not really go into too much of the nitty gritty.) For appetizers, the crab cake is yummy as is the Camembert cheese. I’ve been eating a lot of the New York Strip and Wagyu Hanger and finding that my preference for each changes depending on my mood, which I guess is a good thing as at one point I was there daily.

For sides, if you are from the US then the mac and cheese will definitely be reminiscent of what you find in the States. Non of the gourmet mac and cheese stuff that people are doing but rather creamy processed Velveeta cheese.
And the sizzling brownie is a fav for desserts. Some might go for the Reeses Pieces cheesecake but I’m a chocolate fan and it’s sizzling hot so what’s not to love? Don’t expect a rich dense brownie though, this is fluffy light which is the a good note to end a heavy steak meal.

So there you have it, one of the reasons why I’ve been on a relatively low carb diet and why I’ve poofed from the world. Got one more resto coming up so stay tuned!

PS apologies for using stock photos but I just realised that since I was busy serving folks, I hadn't really whipped out the phone to take nice photos. Oops!

5/F, Grand Progress Building
15-16 Lan Kwai Fong
Hong Kong
+852-2521 8638

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