Thursday, June 21, 2012

Magic Marek

Beauty guest blogger hkBeautyGeek gives you the lowdown on where hairheads can get their locks safely treated.

I remember holding back my tears when the hairdresser asked me whether I liked my new haircut. I cried on the way home and spent the next days pulling my hair hoping it would grow faster. It didn’t, and then my hair literally gave me a headache.

At the age of twelve, I decided that hairdressers were either bad mathematicians or just evil. Not to be trusted. Ever.

“People with long hair emphasize on keeping length, when we focus on making them
beautiful,” explains Marek Art of Hair founder Marek Wan. “With the right cut we can
keep our focus and the length.”

Wan is one of the few stylists who has both styling theory and teaching experience, but even with over 20 years of experience, you can’t change the laws of physics. Can you?

Since opening his salon in 2010, Wan counts a cast of Hong Kong’s finest as his regulars, including celebrity models Alice B. and Rosemary Vandenbroucke. I knew that I wouldn't be walking out a top model, but was curious if Wan could turn my straw into gold.

To vitalize my hair we started with a PH, dandruff and dryness test from partner and French hair-care brand La Biosthetique. After the doll-eyed Hazel diagnosed my scalp and hair as being extremely dry, we headed to shampoo and conditioner.

The La Biosthetique Methode Vitalisant range is specifically designed to tend to the needs of dry scalps and dry hair. Without going into the technical details and PR talk, it basically promises to normalize the scalp environment and making the hair less lackluster.

“You don’t need this,” says Wan while fingering my locks. “I won’t take much off. Just the parts you don’t need. Your hair should be part of the whole composition instead of it lying there like separate strings.” I wanted to say that I needed all the "strings" -- but it would grow back, so I just bit my lip and kept looking mad.

How could I frown when they give me Chinese tea, fashion magazines and a smiling Keith? Hairdressers. Evil.

Since I nodded to all that Wan suggested, it was not until they started to blow dry my hair that I realised that we were about done.

And the result? Within three hours Wan gave me back my natural colour, shine and waves!

“Most customers come in not looking for a dramatic change, but the right changes, however minor they are, can make a big impact.” I’ve been to so many salons with the result always somewhat unsatisfying. It’s not that the salons were all bad; they just didn’t do any good. My hair would be shorter, but still straw-like.

At Marek Art of Hair you can go back within ten days to have it fixed, if you are not satisfied. I will definitely come back, but not to use the "satisfaction guaranteed" policy. It’s been a month since my visit and I love my hair still!

A hair cut starts at HK$480 which includes a consultation, cleansing, cutting and finishing. Also, you can get the same great results at home with La Biosthetique products at home, albeit without the experience of being pampered.

2/F Winway Building, 50 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
+852 2191 2222

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  1. Can you show a picture of how your hair looks now and talk about maintenance? Is it possible to have those gorgeous bouncy curls everyday, without professional help? The post makes me want to deviate from my trust stylist, Roy....