Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tai O Day Trip

Tai O has been a place I've been meaning to go since I came home to HK and yet never got around to it in the past ten years. Now that I'm on sabbatical, I'm determined to make up for lost time and realise that I've totally been missing out. Situated in Lantau Island, Tai O is one of the few fishing villages left in HK and boasts of having no 7/11 or McD in its vicinity. It's also where you go to see the endangered white dolphins. It's such a picturesque place that my friend and I had a blast wandering around eating and taking photos.

While there, be sure to get the egg waffle from the super cool dude in the shades as well as check out Cafe Solo where you can sit by the river and enjoy coffee. Other yummy foods include super big curry fish balls, silken tofu dessert, botargo, grilled octopus and a range of other local delicacies that you don't really see out on HK island anymore like Maltose crackers (sidenote, took me forever to find out what it's called in English as I only really know what it is in Cantonese.)

Given that it's a fishing village, there are tons of dried seafood for sale as well as Tai O's famed shrimp paste so be sure to grab some if you're a fan.

Check out photos and directions on how to get there after the cut.

How to get there:
From Central, take the ferry to Mui Wo (the slow ferry takes about an hour while the fast one is about half the time) and take the Number 1 bus which is right across from the ferry pier(about 45 minutes.)

Alternatively, you can take the train to Tung Chung and get out where Citygate is and then take the Number 11 bus which is also about a 45 minute ride.

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