Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beauty Notes: Coconut Oil Hair Mask

I've been intrigued by coconut oil for a couple years now since my mom touted the benefits of oil pulling and then inevitably stopped with the practice after she got bored leaving us with jars of coconut oil at home. Then I received Jax Coco's new coconut oil reminding me of the oil we have at home and I decided to investigate what beauty fixes I can try with our copious stash.

Conveniently, my hair was feeling icky and frizzled after having been out in the sun and I was over at my parents place without my supply of hair masks so I decided to do a coconut oil hair treatment. Using a couple tablespoons of coconut oil, I slowly worked it into my hair. I then braided my hair up and plopped a shower cap over the hair. I read that it's best to have the oil in the hair for a minimum of two hours and it can feasibly be left overnight. I decided to give the overnight route a go. The next morning, it took a couple rinses (and actually another one in the evening) to get most of the oil out of my hair but I was in love with how soft my hair was as a result. So if you have any coconut oil lying around and your hair is in need of some love, definitely give it a go.

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