Monday, September 22, 2014

Review: Lazy Hog

About a month ago, we visited Lazy Hog, a new American Tapas joint that is near Yard Bird on Bridges Street in Soho. We visited on a Tuesday evening where the small restaurant that has two separate sides was completely empty leading to a rather awkward situation where the staff could hear our every word and when we were dissecting the food asking what we thought of each item and wondering what something was, the staff would interject to give us 'helpful' comments. The food was ok however we did feel a bit strange when the carrot salad was pushed upon us on three separate occasions, as an introduction to the menu, after we had ordered and oddly enough, before the last dish came out, someone from the kitchen came out again and asked if we would reconsider as we had three fried dishes. It was at that point we were like, we want fatty fried food damnit, give it to us!

We started with the Pig ears nachos. It was easily the fav dish of the night. Perfect with a beer. Unfortunately, while we were there, the resto didn't have a booze license yet and we had this with water. (Oddly enough, they didn't even seem to have a regular drinks menu and tap water was all that was on offer.)

Next up was Hush puppies, a sweet corn coquette. A corn mush oozes out when you cut into it. I wish they had kernels inside along with the mush. Would have been more interesting texture-wise and kicked the corn flavour up a notch. Not bad but not great either.

This was the Hog nuggets, slow cooked pork shoulder with beet ketchup. The beet ketchup was quite interesting, not as much tang as with regular ketchup. I tend to like my pulled pork oozing with sauce so found this to be a bit dry for my taste.

Dessert was the St Louis gooey bar with horchata. The bar could have a slightly heavier taste of cinnamon but was enjoyable nonetheless. We had a glass of horchata (milky rice drink) to dip the bar into. Nice ode to cookies and milk.

Dinner for two came to $674 for the above four dishes and we only had tap water given the lack of drinks offering.
Lazy Hog
29-31 Bridges Street Sheung Wan
Tel: 2858 1321

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