Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beauty Editors Buy: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF15

You can pretty much file all lip balms into two categories: works and doesn't work. Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment works. I know what you're thinking -- so does Chapstick, and it's a damn lot cheaper, too. Yes, that's true. But as someone who suffers from chronic dry lips, sometimes you need something that's a little more conditioning, that doesn't just prevent windburn and rough lips but also heals them and nurtures them. And this is that. It also comes in a bunch of other tints, which are nice but sometimes difficult to apply (the Berry imparts a deep violet pigment that inevitable melts all over your mouth and outside the lines) so I stick with the original, which is what's found in many a beauty editor's handbag for on-the-go application.

For a little bit of colour, though, I've found that the brand's recently launched Sugar Lip Shine is the most moisturising lip gloss EVER, and I am a staunch lip gloss hater. It, too, is making its way into make-up kits around town...

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