Monday, September 8, 2014

Review: Gaggan, Bangkok

We had reviewed Gaggan's a la carte menu on a previous trip to Bangkok and when I knew that I was going to head over to Bangkok again, I immediately made a booking to try the tasting menu. It's a good thing that the tasting menu was what I had in mind as it turns out since my last visit, dinner now comprises only tasting menus and you can no longer order a la carte. We went for the Taste of Gaggan menu which had 10 courses and we decided to order a bottle of prosecco to go along with the meal. Dinner came to approximately HK$900 a head. The food, like last time, didn't disappoint although there were a couple dishes which we didn't like too much.

First up were Street Eats from India, clockwise from top left, spiced nuts in an edible plastic bag (made from rice paper and tastes just like those mix nuts at karaoke bars), potato 2-some crispy and liquid (crunchy and yummy), chocolate pani puri (our favourite of the four, the white chocolate with tamarind water went together very well) and yogurt chaat.

The second course should have been a freshly shucked oyster but we weren’t fans of oysters so asked for something different. This was a potato pani puri with coriander water in a syringe for us to inject. Was a nice biteful!

3rd course, Sandwich. Foie gras mousse, onion water baguette, onion chutney and hazelnut candy. The baguettes were like little poofs of air and the hazelnut combined with foie gras was a great combo.

Down To Earth, summer vegetables, asparagus, morels, mushrooms, artichokes with 62 degree egg yolk and truffle chilli. Essentially a fancy mushroom soup with an insanely fragrant flavour and the egg yolk was a pleasant surprise to bit into and have it gush in the mouth as the soup runs down the throat. We also loved the presentation and the rock bowl kept the soup nice and hot. Yums

6th course, Keema Pav, minced lamb curry with tomato dehydrated bread and chutney. Lovely texture with a kick of spice. Awesome bao.

Gunpowder, fiery spiced Thai sea bass, curry leaf powder, basmati rice porridge, tamarind sugar. Least favourite of the courses. Fish was not fiery at all. In fact it was super weak sauced. The porridge gave the impression of glue. Meh.

British National Dish, home-style chicken tikka masala with naan. The name gave us a chuckle and the dish was just as good as I remembered but they gave us garlic naan this time. Can’t compare to the truffle naan that I had last time but way too full to even order it!

Poor Man’s Porridge, jasmine rice ice cream, pistachio gel, rose room freshener, almond and flower glass. Wasn’t able to smell the rose scent due to allergies but the ice cream was ok. I find that the desserts aren’t as tasty as the rest of the dishes so it was a good thing that there were only two.

Last course, Masala Chai, Indian spiced black milk tea jujube jelly. Strong taste of chai and the crunch gave it a nice texture.

For those of you who want to try out Chef Gaggan's food but can't make it to Bangkok, this September 22 to 24, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental is hosting the chef for its pop-up restaurant at the Tian and Di function rooms for three nights where you can try his nine-course menu with wine-pairing priced at HKD2,288 per person +10%. For dinner reservations, call +852 2132 0066.

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