Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zooq Out: Online Retail Therapy

Filling the space left behind by retailer Gizzy & Nacho comes Zooq, a Shanghai-based online multi-brand boutique that sells wearable casual clothing by mid-range brands. The range goes from crowd-pleasers like Free People and Rebecca Minkoff to more gothic and bad-ass Sister Jane or Religion to affordable new-generation basics from MinkPink and Cheap Monday. The brands are sorted by country as well, which is something kind of cool for those of us who prefer to shop by cultural aesthetic (Aussie brands for hipsters, British brands for punks, so on and so forth). Zooq has buyers in New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai and London so you're getting a bit of everything from everywhere.

It's always great to find new brands as well, including the very girly, Christina-esque Minty Meet Munt, and the chunky-gold wonderfulness that is Belle Noel.

What else is good? A lowest-price guarantee, which you never see in Asia. Find your buy at a lower price and Zooq will refund you the difference. Free next-day delivery for Hong Kong, Taiwan and China (and they'll pay for up to HK$25 shipping if you wish to return your item within 10 days). Live customer service, weekly new product uploads, etc etc... I mean, it's the fringe benefits that really help decide how frequent a customer you become. (Think Asos, who EVERYONE orders from despite varying quality, just because they added free worldwide shipping.)

Anyway, I have yet to order from Zooq, but I will report back once I've actually gone through the entire retail process.

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