Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscar Fashion Faves: White Hot

It was kind of a lacklustre year for the Oscars, but I thought Seth McFarlane was actually quite sweet. Although I for one think that the whole "host" thing should be abandoned in favour of sock-puppet re-enactments of all the Best Picture films. Which would be better than the year they had shadow-dancer introductions of films. Or if there must be a host, perhaps Sifl and Olly would be happy to come out of retirement.

Fashion-wise, I'm very over the slinky, glitzy golden-girl thing. I, like Taylor Swift of late, care only for white gowns, in particular those featuring a simple silhouette. Which explains why Charlize in Dior and Queen Latifah in Badgely Mischka made my Fashion Po-po list. Zoe Saldana came back to life in Alexis Mabille Couture (hasn't she been boring lately?) and Jennifer Lawrence was just too darling in Dior (I wanted to hate her for her undeserved Oscar and her contrived "I'm so human" fall on the steps, but she won me over with her profuse "Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!" Oscar speech. So sad she has to make more Hunger Games movies.)

But of course, this is the Oscars, so it's not like we can just completely ignore all the colour. Or can we? Can't say I was dying over any other gowns, although Naomi Watts definitely deserved a mention for her custom Armani, and Samantha Barks in believe-it-or-not Valentino, both triumphs of artful fabric cutting.

Images: Style.com

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  1. Oh. My. God. Jennifer Lawrence's dress. Love at first sight. <3