Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Lip Gloss for Lip Gloss Haters

I'll admit, when I got these Laura Mercier lip glosses from the Mini Lip Glaces Collection in Rich Berries, I put them on my dining table and intended to give them away. I have nothing against the brand -- I'm just a lip-gloss hater. Lip glosses don't give you good colour payoff, never last long and generally leave you all sticky-lipped without actually moisturizing. Gross.

Then Caryn nabbed two of them and expressed incredulity that I would give them up. And so, curious, I threw one in my bag on my way out the door and then promptly forgot about it until I had a dire case of chapped lip. Turns out, it's gooey, luscious stuff, with the consistency of honey but a little less drip. To me, it feels less waxy than your usual gloss, and definitely less shiny, which gives the colour a bit more real-ness. And the smell! Cocoa-butter yumminess. And the moisturizing agents actually seem to penetrate the skin of your lips rather than just sit on top and look all glossy and stuff.

In other words, a solid investment and a good one for the roster when you don't want to do a super bold lip. And miles ahead of any Juicy Tube. Speaking of which, pet peeve: why sell sets when all the colours end up looking the same? SHAM.

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