Friday, February 22, 2013

Rihanna for MAC Cosmetics

There are some MAC collections you die for (Disney's Venomous Villains! Hello Kitty! Cindy Sherman! Wonder Woman!) and others that are cuter in concept than in execution (sorry, Archie's Girls, you're too sweet for me -- though readers, you may beg to disagree. Full collection here). But I'm already looking forward to the brand's next collaboration, with superstar Rihanna. The first product has already been announced, which is RiRi Woo, a red lipstick that plays off of the singer's own favourite hue, MAC's Ruby Woo. Given my obsession with bright lips, I can't wait... but I'll have to, because that product doesn't launch until May 4th at a pop-up MAC shop in New York (when Rihanna's tour lands there).

After that, there will be three other phases, with a summer collection, fall collection and holiday collection. Looks like MAC is banking big on the (admittedly very bankable) star. The biggest launch will reportedly be the final one, which will include everything from makeup bags to nail colours.

Critics were disappointed with Rihanna's River Island collection (I wasn't -- I mean, what did you really expect? And I really want those slutty high-slit maxi skirts). But I have a feeling a beauty collab will fare much better.

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  1. wow, I'm sure the lipsticks will be bright & cheerful...perhaps a temporary tattoo would match her line too (or she'd rather prefer her fans having real ones)...but I love her and her latest look reminds me of her earlier days and suits her like a dream

  2. Are they going to launch it in Hong Kong?!!