Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fashion Week Redux: Cushnie et Ochs

Realistically I know that I love colour way too much to give up on ridiculous instances of colour-blocking (it's neon yellow! it's hot pink! it's apple green! omg!) but when you see images from a show like Cushnie et Ochs' it makes you seriously reconsider switching to a monochrome palette. But I think to myself: what would I do with my brights? And then I figure, well Rooney Mara probably has a whole CLOSET full of blush pink chiffon dresses that she isn't allowed to wear anymore, and you don't see her complaining. Mainly because she doesn't know me well enough to talk to me, but also because she's SO A-LIST right now, who's going to miss a couple of pastel pieces?

I'm not saying that changing the way I dress will skyrocket me into the career stratosphere (plus, well, I'm fundamentally unpromote-able at my job now anyway), but...well, I wore black leggings, a white shirt and a black blazer which I selfie'd on Instagram the other day and got all these likes and comments. Because when you go monochrome, YOU GET POPULAR.

Surprised no one put two and two together before this moment.

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1 comment:

  1. So, multicolored fashion is out (for now) and monochrome is in? Hmm.. Interesting, but I think I should to both hahaha Whatever clothes I feel like wearing.. :)

    Have you seen custom tailors in Hong Kong? They're one of the best! Must try. :)