Monday, February 25, 2013

Chocoolate x Mos Burger

I wish PRs would respond when I reply their emails saying I can't read Chinese but please send me English info coz I want to write about whatever you're sending me. Alas, the folks at Chocoolate undoubtedly think that photos speak louder than words hence I am unable to tell you anything about this crossover collection with Mos Burger other than it's food meeting fashion and there is a hamburger tote bag with legs wearing what looks like 3 inch heels. Available at Choocolate, no idea for how long though. See the collection and prices after the cut.

Flocking Print Tee HK$279/$279
Photo Print Tee HK$279/$279
Tote Bag HK$359
Mesh Cap HK$239

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  1. Sounds like you need to : )