Monday, January 21, 2013

Photo Diary: Neighourhood Watch

Struggling a bit to find fun topics to write about these days. As we are approaching our fourth year and with this being our 2128th post, I'm not sure how many ways we can say we like this shit and covet it but are too poor to buy all this. I guess essentially, this blog has been one massive shopping list for Christina and I.

So instead of posting materialistic items that I want (don't worry, that will happen tomorrow), I'm just going to showcase some photos of Hong Kong that I've shot using my iPhone and have been sharing on Instagram since the new year started. I find myself going through phases, cloud porn, food porn and what have you. Lately, been looking up a lot and shooting buildings so if you see a random girl suddenly whipping out her camera and pointing it at the sky, changes are high it's me. I love the contrast of the sky high buildings with the random nooks that I come across. All photos edited using the amazing Snapseed app that I reviewed earlier. (It's now free!)

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