Monday, January 28, 2013

I Heart You @ LMO

Guest blogger hkLifestyleGeek gives ideas on Valentine's Day

For the guy who has no clue what to do or time to organise something for his significant other Valentine's Day, Landmark Mandarin Oriental has the solution.

Amber has an eight-course menu for that special day for HK$2,688 and add an extra HK$888 for a five-glass wine pairing, or HK$1,488 for one wine with each course. But if that's a bit too decadent, there are other gift ideas. How about a bottle of bubbly with a bouquet of flowers from HK$680? That gets you a bottle of N.V. Ruinart Blanc-de-Blancs with roses.

Too common?

We thought this was cute -- for HK$388 a half pound cake shaped like a pillow with a ring on it. The Ring Pillow cake has lychee and raspberry flavours, while the Heart cake is chocolate and raspberry.

Now it would be even better if there was a real ring on the pillow...

Landmark Mandarin Oriental
15 Queen's Road
2132 0188

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