Monday, January 4, 2010

V Card

Sucks to be back at work, huh? Even though I got a late start today, I'm still feeling the pangs of withdrawal from the holiday season. But if we can't partake in the fabulousness that's holiday parties and the frocks that accompany said events, at least we can live vicariously through the lives of those who experience fabulousness every day of their lives. No one better embodies this than the great Valentino, who became the star of the documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor and truly shows how the dolce vita is led with his expansive yachts and castle residences and impeccable luxury dinner parties. I saw this one at the film festival I mentioned going to late last year, so at the end of the flick, the director, Matt Tymauer, came out for a Q&A and was joined by, of all people, Andre Leon Talley of Vogue. What I discovered: The director is an ass of epic proportions, who spent the lion's share of his session coming up with witticisms to deride Valentino et al, focussing primarily on the "orangeness" of V's skin. And Andre Leon Talley is not quite the diva you expect, he's much funnier than that, almost a mix of Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince and Miss J from America's Next Top Model. Of all the "fashion films" that have hit the screens in recent years, this is probably the most interesting and entertaining one. Valentino and his lifelong partner Giammetti make great unintentional comedy, and their relationship is probably the most epic love story you've seen onscreen in a long time, made all the more moving because it's real.

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