Monday, January 18, 2010

Kool Beans

I've been wearing the style for years, but for some reason Uggs only really hit Hong Kong last year, about 17 years after they were deemed fashion faux pas by the the fashion powers that be. (Don't believe me? Watch Ann in Cycle 3 of Top Model get berated in the personal style challenge for this offense -- and we're on what, Cycle 12 now? Not that ANTM is an accurate fashion barometer, but anyway.) I always thought it was because the city doesn't get cold enough, but wham bam, now Uggs and their various knockoffs are all over the city. I was finally able to trade up from my Ugg lookalikes (all I could find back then) to the real deal.

RIGHT after I traded up, I discovered Koolaburra, another sheepskin boot purveyor that's doing even cooler plush shoes, embellished with studs and fringe and other edgy little details to make a ShoeGeek squeal. Um, he-LLO, do we see the snake boots that are like the long-lost mother of my snake ring posted here? Little orphan snakey needs her MOMMY!

Other gems include the boho-style feather and fringe-embellished pair, the studded mommas, the chocolate brown screen-printed with a flock of flying birds, and though they're not my personal taste, the "Carrie" boot, on which the New York City skyline is sketched out using Swarovski crystals, all below the cut. This should be enough ammo to stop everyone and their mother from wearing the same boots out now, shouldn't it?

Get them at or call +852 9199 7828 which is meant to be a local retailer, Posh Camp.

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