Friday, January 15, 2010

Heart to Heart

The Geeks enjoyed their last week of freedom (we both started new full-time jobs this week) by dining out at the three Michelin-starred Chinese restaurants at the Four Seasons Hong Kong, Lung King Heen, stuffing our tummies to the very brim with decadent dim sum. Along with our favourite Four Seasons gal pal, we savoured juicy tidbits (gossip and dim sum) and generally tried to play "ladies who lunch" with uptight hairdos and the whole shebang.

And I've since decided that is the best place to do the gossip girl lunch. Dim sum is normally a family-friendly but kind of sordid affair, thanks to the tacky spectacle of lazy susans and shared chopsticks (I'm not hating, I'm just saying). But at LKH, at least for us, they did it in a sort of European teatime manner, serving the bite-sized pieces to each individual on platters in three rounds. Make sure to ask them to do it that way, it was all very civilized and classy, and the fact that dim sum is by definition small meant we could nosh and chat without every having to reapply our lipstick. Yeah, it didn't hurt that we were eating at the city's only two-time Michelin three-star winner, at the hotel that boasts the only two three-Michelin-star restaurants in Hong Kong. Wow, read that sentence aloud three times fast. It's harder to swallow than a mouthful of dim sum. Mmmmm.

Dim sum means "touching the heart" in Chinese, so doesn't it make sense we gals have our heart-to-heart gabfests at the same time?

Don't worry, someone's looking out for you guys, too. We also have goodies courtesy of the Four Seasons Hong Kong, coming soon! And don't forget to enter our Bulgari perfume giveaway!

Lung King Heen is at Podium Four of the Four Seasons Hong Kong, 8 Finance Street. Tel: 852 3196 8888.

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