Monday, January 25, 2010

Downey Time Part Deux

Okay now there's actually a fashion-related angle to this whole Robert Downey Jr gushfest, courtesy of Cole Haan. You don't hear that brand name mentioned too often in relation to the red carpet, probably because Cole Haan is known more for comfortable basic shoes you wear to the office if you have to take the MTR. They're comfy but not the sexiest thing you've owned, by far. Surprisingly, Cole Haan made an appearance at the Golden Globes, and beyond that, made a pretty loud statement when it came to Monsieur Downey Jr, who wore a pair of combat-boot-inspired dress shoes to pick up his award for Best Actor in Sherlock Holmes.

The gents I've seen in formal attire tend to default to shiny oxford wingtip type shoes, so it's refreshing to see RDJ rough it up a bit in accordance with his personal style. From the full-length shot, he seems no different from any oxford-sporting male, but I bet when he sat down that boot collar peeked right out of the bottom of his pant leg. (Well, that is, if he'd had his tux trousers properly hemmed.) Straight boys, take notes -- You can mix up your shoe choices beyond the typical black or brown lace-ups.

The particular shoe in question we are seeing on Mr Downey Jr is the Cole, Rood & Haan Bearcat Boot, which is part of Cole Haan's new handmade shoe line that's a bit more rough around the edges than the brand's regular fare, and is inspired by vintage designs (what isn't these days), in particular the "classic and dangerous leading men of the infamous Jazz revolution era," or so says the press release. The Bearcat retails for HK$4,150.

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