Monday, January 11, 2010

Bounty Hunter

Everyone's been back at work for a week, and even though I've been very productive even ahead of starting a new job tomorrow, I'm still mired in Christmas thoughts, as you can probably tell. But luckily I was a smart, smart girl and thought to buy MYSELF some Christmas gifts before the holiday season had begun, and the package only arrived last week. Yes, boys and girls, I'm talking about my ASOS bounty!

I don't know if you guys care much for the "this is what I bought" posts but once in a while a gal needs a break from hard-news research and a chance to show off brand-new baubles, so too bad. I will tell you that this is one of a very few times I have been entirely happy with my entire order, not a single piece needs to go back or into the regifting drawer (do you all have one of those?) And for those who are often hesitant to order things online, shipping is a flat £10.50 so the more you buy the more insignificant the cost seems. But... onto the goodies!

I've been offered the Chanel 2.55 for my birthday and staunchly refused to allow anyone to lay down over $20K in pursuit of the iconic bag that already adorns the arm of pretty much everyone I know. But I'll admit, I do like the style. If I can't have the Lanvin or Givenchy chain-strap bags they're teasing me with at Lane Crawford, then this £22 studded mesh version will have to do. Except that I just looked and it's now further reduced to £15, d'oh!

Gloves to keep your hands warm, fingerless so you can retain some modicum of motion in your digits. My better half has hereby crowned this with the moniker "dog-walking gloves" because I first wore them to... drumroll.... walk the dog. Keeps your hands warm while you're holding the leash, but you can still feed doggie snacks without getting saliva on your gloves because of the bare fingers. Genius!

A little cocktail number, lower in the back than I initially thought so we have an exposed bra situation going on. But NuBras are SUCH a pain.

And last but not least, my new favourite dress, the dress that started it all (well the ordering process at least), an Olsen-inspired kimono maxi dress that's draped in all the right places and is a size too small for me but I don't care in the least. Well except for the fact that the tight bodice gives me inhuman boobage so I'll need to figure out how to tone that down. Scary cleavage is soooo not ideal in Hong Kong, where strangers on the street (read: nasty old men) feel it is their god-given duty to stare, point and salivate.

Get 'em all at ASOS.

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