Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Express Yourself

The stylish woman's uniform is pretty simple: skinny jeans, black blazer with rolled-up sleeves, loose T-shirt that hits at the hips, you know the look. A hundred million women own these staples, but no two have the same collection of T-shirts, I'll guarantee you that. The T-shirt is where every human expresses him or herself, sending a message about what he or she is all about. Are you wearing the Nike logo-sperm hybrid that reads "Just do it"? Yeah, you're funny, we get it. The solid fitted tee emblazoned with a brand logo like Versace or Dior? Yeah, you're rich, we get it.

Me, I like shirts with faces. I'm not sure what that says about me, maybe I'm afraid to face people so I have to stare them down using my torso, or maybe I just relish the idea of being a walking totem pole. Whatever the reason, it's my fetish, so it was a pleasant surprise to receive a package of product samples from the Tshirt Store in Sweden, on the occasion of its opening up a branch in Hong Kong just before Christmas.

Two different faces were included; a mean little boy whose expression mirrors one I make at my dog when she's been bad, and a clown face that would probably suit someone a little younger than me. As for the first one, it was like I had found a younger brother for the bitchy-looking babe shirt I got in Taiwan last year: here's the sibling's shot:

At first, the boy really scared me, but then I kind of liked the idea of him staring ominously from a door crack, so I hid him mostly under a white short-sleeved blazer so only his eyes peeked out. Because the tee is this perfect long length, I just threw on leggings, cowboy boots and my typical smattering of ridiculous gold and back accessories, and was out the door.

We were a bit skeptical about the quality when we first received the shirts, but I found them soft and comfortable, especially if you prefer a looser sleeve but a fitted body. Now I kind of really want to order more friendly faces, or take a trip out to Nathan Road to check out the shop. The "fox in disguise" shirt really appeals to me, for obvious reasons to anyone who knows me.

Of course there are other shirts that don't involve the child star of a horror movie, as well as some calculator watches that I am digging; you can find the whole selection either at the online store or at iSquare: Tshirt Store, Shop 402, iSquare, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel: 852 2682 3687.

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