Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Valentino Mophie?!

How freaking excited was I to spot this image on Interview magazine's website? So, so excited. Only... my brain wasn't working right. All I saw was a blur of red tiger print. Rockstud. Want. Need. Love. Fuck!

Then I kind of realised that the Valentino Rouge Absolute Mophie charger was actually... just a red portable charger with a Valentino logo on it. Um, and costs US$349. So not want. So not need. So not love. But still... fuck.

Proceeds go to charity though, so it's for a good cause, and we like those. Actually, proceeds go to THREE charities, so you can feel triply good. And your phone will charge so fast, it'll be the quickest-charging phone in the East. So there's that. And maybe you happened to need a portable charger. If so, hit it up here, you true fashion geek, you.

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