Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beauty Editors Buy: Leonor Greyl Huile de Palme

I'm boarding a plane to Phuket in four hours! Anyone who's headed to a beach holiday needs to invest in a good hair oil, to coat the locks before you subject it to the harsh sea water or pool chlorine. Especially if you have bleached hair. Or green hair. Ie if you are me. French girls love this stuff, they rub it all over their locks after the shower and just leave it in to get that ratty French-girl bedhead. Otherwise use it as a hair mask 15 minutes before you wash your hair, after you come out of the sun, or if you've been to a dry climate, or you just want to give you hair some R&R. I never really pamper my hair, but this smells so good it's worth doing.

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