Wednesday, July 2, 2014

FENDI x Beats by Dr Dre

Beats- Things have been going well for you recently haven't they? You get snapped up by Apple and now you continue to partner with high fashion labels to create that aspirational draw for consumers to covet you and raise your brand equity. Kudos.

Fendi - I thought better of you. It made sense when Beats paired up with Awang (both target the similar streetstyle demo). With you, however, it just feels you're trying too hard. Yes it's made with your signature Selleria leather and hand-stitched by your craftsmen but still... I've been jumping back on the Fendi bandwagon in recent years with your new styles and taking it to a more modern level yet this just feels off course and more a way to grab another share of that consumer dollar. Meh

Available end of this year.

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