Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jumping on the Cronut Train...

Swissbeck was in on it (bleh). The Mandarin Cake Shop capitalized. And now the Holiday Inn Golden Mile is giving Kowloonies a shot at some version of the Cronut. Except theirs is called... drumroll... the Cro-Do. Oh NOOOO they didn't. Oh yes they did. From the press release: " The Deli Cro-Do. It's not a donut. It’s not a croissant. It’s just delicious!" Hybrid pastry names are worse than celebrity couples. Although I guess a Cro-Do probably tastes decent whereas a Brangelina just gives you headaches.

There are four flavours, including light custard cream coated with cinnamon sugar topped with icing sugar, or with lemon icing topped with raspberry crispies, with pink icing topped with pineapple crispies or coated with chocolate icing then topped with yoghurt crisp. They're available now.

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