Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spark Studios

Apologies for the lack of posts dear readers. As Christina mentioned, I'm involved in a new venture called Spark Studios, a cooking studio located in Quarry Bay. So what is this space? Well during the day, I call it Spark Kids, a cooking studio teaching kids aged 5 and up to learn various cooking techniques and dining etiquette to equip children with skills applicable for the real world. And in the evening or when classes are not held, it's Spark Kitchen, a venue available for private rental for those who wish to have a centrally located space to socialise and utilise the 2400 square feet living room space with a fully equipped kitchen, TV lounge area, dining area and a 600 square feet outdoor terrace.

Expect more posts on this from me soon. I will be sharing Spark recipes (mostly baking as that's what I like to do) on a regular basis but in the meantime, if you have kids or have friends with kids, come on by this Friday on the public holiday. We are doing free trial classes!

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