Friday, May 3, 2013

Nars x Pierre Hardy

Since I switched to soft gel I haven't really had the patience to sit around and wait for regular nail polish to dry, even with the miracle discovery of Seche Vite quick-dry topcoat. But I'm giving my Shellacked little digits a wee rest and relaxation now, so the arrival of Nars' Pierre Hardy nail-polish collab seems apt. Since I've always shopped at Cher2 I haven't really had much experience with Nars polishes, but they have a great creamy opacity even with more sheer colours, so straight out of the bottle they're a dream to apply -- not sure how they'll fare once exposed to oxygen, and I'm hardly a stickler for cleaning my bottle screws properly.

The colours are pretty awesome -- punchy pastels and vivid deep hues in the strange but beautiful colour-blocking that's sort of Hardy's signature (Nars plays homage to his geometric side in a blush as well, that's a peachy pink with signature gold cubic patterns inlaid to add shimmer). Even cuter, the duos come in little "shoeboxes" complete with shoe bags. Not that anyone's ever bought a beauty product due simply to smart packaging *cough cough*. Anyway, these hit shelves next month, I believe. So far I've tried the baby yellow (cute but a bit difficult to handle without careful application and good lighting) and the lilac, which is a dream colour and better than all the other light purples I've seen on the market so far. Excuse the fact that these colours may be a bit off in the picture; I blame my affinity for the Valencia filter on Instagram. Kind of washes things out a bit, oops.

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1 comment:

  1. i heart the gorg coral pink/orange hue up there!!! :)

    in fact, J'ADORE PIERRE HARDYYYY!!!!!! xx