Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sapporo Fashion Geek: Ishiya Chocolate Factory

Ishiya Chocolate Factory in Sapporo is a weird place. It's like a weird Euro-ish cottage-cum-castle with a garden filled with amusement-park kitsch. The inside is a museum of chocolate paraphernalia, as well as a window into the actual production line. And then there's a gift shop, a display of vintage toys (from Astroboy to Superman and everything in between) and a bizarre room of gramophones through the ages. But it's sort of worth going to (if you rent a car, that is) because it's an easy drive, admission is cheap and comes with a free cookie, and there are these funny aspects -- see photos above -- that are just made for Instagram. And because afterwards you can eat all the chocolate you want without getting pimples. You MIGHT get fat, though.

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