Friday, May 31, 2013

Beauty Notes: Creer Beaute Love Darling Eyeliner

I had just about given up on eyeliner when I decided as part of my Japan beauty haul to pick up this Creer Beaute "Love Darling" liquid eyeliner. Gel is unbeatable (I've always used MAC Fluidline) but since I only have an angled brush, and my brush-cleaning frequency is, er, less than the recommended dosage, achieving a pretty wing is pretty much impossible, unless jagged edges are the new thing in beauty.

The Japanese beauty site Cosme ranked this eyeliner as the number-one eyeliner product launched in the past year, so I chose it over other brands like Dollywink and K-Palette 24h, which were the other ones highly ranked on beauty blogs. I'm about a month into using it, and I haven't looked at my Fluidline once. The brush is super thin, so you can draw really nice and precise lines, and it's the best formula I've come across for oily eyelids, but you don't need any special makeup remover to take it off. My only (minor) complaint is that because the point is SO thin, it takes a while to colour in the cat eye/wing area. But that's probably not even a problem for more people.

Images: Bunny & Spice

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