Monday, May 6, 2013

Revving Up and Slowing Down

You're going to see two things happen on the site this week. One, you might see a very absent Virginia, as she's working on soft-opening her new business venture, Spark Studios which I'll let her talk about later. Two, you may see an erratic me, as tomorrow I embark on a little journey I'm going to call Food Writer Drinks Juice For Three Days 2013. So as she gears up for a big launch, I'll be slowing down with a little food ban and hopefully, a turn for the better, health-wise. It's the perfect end to a five-day extravaganza of pigging out in Sapporo. And since I found out there's a real dearth of quality English blogging on Sapporo eats, I'll pen a little guide to the place, probably not while I'm not allowed to consume real food, but soon after that.

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