Monday, May 27, 2013

Pierre Herme and the Temple of Sweets

Pierre Herme has officially opened in ifc! Which means that the Picasso of Pastry's delicious works are available to all of us, a mere day after I've started this crazy Paleo diet... (no sugar, carbs, dairy -- all of which are flouted in a single macaroon). But that's what cheat days are for. I'm looking forward to seeing if any version of the Fetish Saint Honore, limited edition in Paris, will be sold here... AHHHHHH.

Anyway, for you fans of the pastry maestro, there will be a book-signing event for the public on Thursday from 230-430pm (sadly, for anyone with a job), so you can bring along your cookbooks or t-shirts or boobs or macaroon boxes along. A limited number of cookbooks will be available at the event itself, if you can't find a suitable canvas. The shop is at IFC podium level 1, shop 1019C.

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