Thursday, November 8, 2012

SHOErotica: Roksanda Ilincic for Aldo Rise

London Showrooms was in Hong Kong this week, meaning a traveling circus of British designers were basically chilling all day at The Space (actually, mostly outside of it, because, well, ALL British designers SMOKE). I was there to do an interview for work... but then immediately afterwards, I headed straight for the installation of Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, which I promptly ransacked because they were al 37.5s -- aka my size exactly. It got kind of awkward after a couple of rounds, since mostly everyone else was networking or doing interviews, while I pranced around like a pretty obvious one-woman shoe burglar. Occasionally sharing a bench with interviewees while I doffed my existing shoes and then ran around barefoot. I don't know that journos normally just help themselves at the footwear buffet and then take obsessive foot selfless on their iPhones. But that's what you get from hybrid reporter-bloggers.

Eventually, the super sweet Fiona, who just joined Electricsekki, led me towards a more obscure trophy... But luckily (for my reputation) but unluckily (for my feet), the Roksanda Ilincic for Aldo Rise chunky heels with the straps and PVC were in 40s, so no trying. Instead I just got down on my knees to give it a still-life shoot with my iPhone. Classy, I know. Cannot WAIT till these drop in Feb next year.

Also met Roksanda, who loved my new Carven skirt, which I almost returned, which makes me love her more than I did just for designing great clothes and shoes.

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