Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Bro-mance


I have, in the last half hour or so, decided that I am completely all about owning something, everything brocade. Something about the structured fit, the completely unflattering and unforgiving nature of the cloth, the strange decadence, the cultural associations, make it the perfect winter-weather choice. It's not like I want to wear some crazy Chinese Empress costume embroidered with dragons and phoenixes made by seamstresses who were then executed to prevent them creating similar garments for others. I just want to exude that same vibe, peacefully, and preferably in shades of green and gold. Specifically, I'm remembering this Fall 2010 Phillip Lim gold suit and wanting to be in something like it.

rag & bone zipper dress / Kenzo / rag & bone tux jacket / Jonathan Saunders / VIKA GAZINSKAYA high waisted pants, $2,180 / Proenza Schouler bubble mini skirt / RED Valentino / Dolce& Gabbana high heel shoes

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