Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Consolation Prize

Probably nobody celebrates losing a phone by buying shoes. And no, neither did I. I didn't even celebrate by upgrading to the iPhone 5. I hate technology. I actually bought these Loubies at that Louboutin sample sale a couple of weeks back, thanks to Mandy's friend Liz for finding them (AND more importantly for letting me and my cousin cut the line).

Purple glitter d'orsays are, strictly speaking, not the most practical of footwear. But Mr Louboutin is hardly a maestro of practicality. He's more a master of making you spend your money. As for comfort, these rank something like a 5 of out 10. In other words, not very. Which really makes you wonder, how far have we really come from days of foot-binding? I'm definitely one of those girls who would happily bend my sole in half and spend the rest of my days being waited upon by servants.


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  1. Gogeous, but are they mules? I thought mules were backless (the ones that aren't animals, that is)?

  2. Haha. D'oh, you're right of course. I meant d'orsays, not mules. Excuse my mule-brain.