Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday Funday

I'm suffering from something like blogging ennui. A severe case of blogger blues. I hate the internet, I don't want to read any more fashion news, or see any more outfits, or think about retail therapy or designer accessories or fashion icons. But part of starting this blog was making a commitment to put ink to web, five times a week. Do you feel like you need a holiday sometimes? I was supposed to go to Bangkok last weekend, but obviously the flooding made it a bad idea. We were going to book an eleventh-hour visit to Shanghai, but my damn visa expired. So instead, my mini-break was to Cyberport doggie park. It started with a trip to Innside Out for Brunch by Jeffrey's. I don't know who Jeffrey is, but I guess he's the guy who does brunch on Sundays, which is the only time you want to eat at Innside Out. The food is actually good. Love that their "fruit salad" actually comes with a side of fruity tangy sweet salad dressing. We got Eggs Oscar and Beef Brisket Hash. Yes they were yums.

We went to Pacific Coffee for coffee and then to Cyberport, where a playground of doggies awaited. We always put Foxy in the backseat, but she never stays there. Most of the time she sort of straddles the armrest, balancing on it precariously as her back legs dangle helplessly in the air. When we put the car in reverse to park, she somehow finds the oomph to propel herself into the driver's lap.

The lipstick is Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Damned, for anyone who's interested. My lips were dry so I had to layer it with gloss; otherwise that stuff never comes off, it's great.

Why so Chinese-looking, Foxy?

Awwww chow chow in a wheelchair...

Spot the real Foxy.

Sexy Sanuks.

Loving LC's Ksubi sunnies.

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