Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh Mursey, Mursey Me

We're thrilled to welcome hkManStyleGeek on board as our guy blogger. Keen of eye and loud of mouth, hkManStyleGeek tells you what to look out for on the streets. It ain’t always pretty.

I’m sure I read on a tumblr somewhere that our brain has a creative side and practical side. I know mine is split into two. One side is made of pure logic. It’s the smart side that knows directions should be given to people using terms like “North-South-East-West” and not “Come out and go up the street for 10 minutes and you’ll know.” The second side contradicts the first and is called the “look-cool-no-matter-what” side. It’s self-explanatory.

The pure logic side of me likes to think that when bags were invented the reason was simple – “I have lots of shit to carry. I need a vessel.” But lately I see guys on the streets of Hong Kong breaking their backs (more like hands and shoulders, actually) with “murses” and my mind is a complete mess – what is the purpose of a murse?

My smart side tells me that murses are supposed to be practical and used by guys to carry lots of stuff. But a few things confuse me… like the size in proportion to the carrier. I’ve seen fairly hefty guys carrying little murses. What's the point in that? And some guys carry murses clutched in their hands without any handles, straps or velcro – what if they need to bust some people up or run really fast??

But then my “look-cool-no-matter-what” side says, “It’s gonna be ok – remember when you carried that 25L ruck-sack stuffed with pillows and assorted nuts in the bleeding hot summer to really push your Heritage-inspired look…?” Yeah, that look was pretty fucking cool, wasn’t it?

image: http://thesatchelpages.com/

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