Thursday, February 10, 2011

Photo Hunt Lightning Round Instructions

Remember, the Photo Hunt ends tonight at 10pm! The likelihood of a lightning round taking place is extremely high due to popular demand and you hardcore photo-hunters, so please note the following rules.

1) No entries will be accepted after 10pm, Thursday, February 10, 2011.
2) At 10:30pm on the same day, participants eligible for the lightning round, as well as the final lightning round clues, will be posted ONLY on No email will be sent.
3) To participate in the lightning round, contestants must email photos to DO NOT post on Twitter or Facebook as these entries will not be counted.
4) The first person to email all the clues will be the recipient of the grand prize, followed by second and third prize. The winners will be announced on at 8pm.

To recap, bonus clues thus far include: blue taxi, red taxi, bubble tea, tiger, rabbit, lai see, red heels, pay phone, screencap of a corgi on HKFG and screencap of the Geeks in the flesh on HKFG.

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1 comment:

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