Monday, February 14, 2011

Chaos Theory

The thing about clothing is that it's very much clothing. Shoes are shoes for the most part too. But jewellery is almost always more than just jewellery. If it's strands of diamonds, it's a statement of status; a nameplate necklace, an assertion of identity. A row of toe rings and a stack of anklets says boho more than any patchwork skirt while studded accessories aplenty yell "I'm edgy!" just as if you'd emblazoned it on a T-shirt. Why carry mace when a McQueen knuckle-duster reads "fierce" in every sense of the word? I am fashion and I am able to take the skin off your cheek with one quick blow.

You get the point. Jewellery is very telling. Which brings us to the question -- what is Denise Julia Reytan saying? Her designs are forged of a marriage between objets trouvees (the fancy French way to say "trash") and a palette of colours brighter than the sun. That makes her very much on trend, in the sense of playing to the sensibilities of today's obsession with sustainability. We love the environment but I tend to hate people who go out of their way to capitalize on that... luckily Reytan's site seems to make little mention of loving the planet, preferring to discuss instead her background in art and more philosophical topics. She likens her jewellery to poems for the body, and draws on found objects only in order to prove her mantra of finding beauty in the ordinary. Her T1mepeace reclaims the idea of time, the necessity of having to run on a schedule, and replaces with an ironic take on the clock, a visual reminder that time is superfluous and should be forgotten. But looking beyond philosophy and good intentions, what this jewellery is, bottom line, is beautiful. It's vivid and fun and flattering and unique, all great qualities to have. And what else it is, is freaking unavailable except in very limited quantities and items.

So to answer that question, what wearing this says about you. It says you know good shit when you see it and you're willing to go to great lengths to get it. It says RESPECT.

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