Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Geek Spy: Nerdy Nuances

All boys should love cufflinks, in the same way that all girls love earrings. I consider this to be biological fact, indisputable as the existence of platelets or the position of the appendix. Whether or not a man has occasion or need to wear them, he should love them.

Even, say, if he's a nerd (or a geek, names aren't important, Shakespeare said so) and loves pocket protectors and gadgets and the latest Marvel vs Capcom game (out Feb 17, for anyone who's keeping track), and cares nothing about fashion, he can still find room in his heart for cufflinks. Especially if said cufflinks are these Ravi Ratan jazzy sleeve accoutrements. Choose your poison: math nerds have Pi signs, computer freaks have Ctrl keys and USBs (2GB only but you can't win everything), and gamer geeks have Playstation and Wiimotes. Click on for full photos.

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