Wednesday, February 9, 2011

(Book)mark of Distinction

I'm a complete internet schizophrenic. I see things, I like them, I bookmark them, I have no idea what's bookmarked. A year later or maybe a week, I scroll through my bookmarks and think, "what the f is this?" I make no attempt to organize or title any of these bookmarks, so the end result is lists of crap titled "Saved Tabs" and "Albino Raven" and other such things. Sometimes I think I'm a genius and other times I'm more like... God, I'm so stupid and disorganized and weird, why did I bookmark this crap?

We long ago abandoned the tradition of Friday Linkfests, but I thought I'd return to the tradition for a one-off, a day of links derived from my random list of bookmarks. Consider this a look in my brain, or a random curation of stray thoughts and things I've looked at. Which include:

A recipe for pumpkin-eggnog bread pudding, under the bookmark "DCFUD."

Art by Albino Raven, an awesome amalgamation of comic/anime crap and their anti-establishment bastardization. I think I came to this by searching "Hellboy" on Tumblr, which eventually led me to a drawing of Hellboy in Mario's froggy costume which then brought me here.

I should be embarrassed by this. I AM embarrassed by this. But I've always blogged as if no one reads this but me, and that's not about to change. There is a bookmark that reads "Milo Ventimiglia is shirtless." Yes I used to LOVE Milo. Not necessarily from Heroes (although boy did he get the hotness in Season 2 after the haircut), more from Gilmore Girls when he was bad boy Jesse. If you follow me on twitter you'll know that he was in my office and I told him I loved him on Gilmore Girls. And I asked him "Is that embarrassing for you?" He said no. I said "Is that more embarrassing for me to admit?" He said probably. This story, mind you, is completely uninteresting except for the fact that it was had with a famous person. But then again, I have a history of stupid and useless conversations with famous people. Like when I talked to Adrien Brody about how to get a visa in China. Or to Jimmy Choo about diarrhea from eating street food. I attract this type of chatter, I don't know why.

I've followed Avant-Garde Fashion Photography for a long time, and even though everyone has now moved over to Fashion Gone Rogue, this site holds the distinction of being the very first bookmark on my list. It's got a lot of old stuff and is worth a look if you're looking for editorials that aren't necessarily appearing reblogged on everybody else's pages.

Wow, I just checked out this sold-out-ages-ago McQueen gown that I still have bookmarked... and think it's the same one Tina wore on NYE. It looked even better later on in the night when she pulled on scrubs underneath it, and a grey Lifeguard T-shirt on top.

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