Friday, April 30, 2010

Tough Enough

Rarely do I turn to local celebrities for styling inspiration, but while I was cleaning my desk and figuring out what was actually on the 300 CD-ROMs stacked around the place, I came across Wyman Wong at a Versace dinner wearing a rather subdued ensemble (by Hong Kong standards) of a typical tuxedo, turned tough with super studded loafers and a series of chunky metal chains that act as a cummerbund (you may need to click the image to see it closer). Love it when classic meets gangster, and this look goes perfectly with the image of him in First Love Unlimited (aka 初戀無限Touch) threatening the other boy in the park: "lei la salle?" Maybe that's an esoteric reference that only teens of the '90s will get, but the look, I suppose, is universal.

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