Monday, April 19, 2010

Supply Closet

I didn't realize how many articles of clothing I had until I moved into the new apartment, which features a walk-in closet. Somehow, seeing all your clothing gathered in one place is quite a scary thing; imagine a mob scene of shirts and skirts and hats and bags and my god, dresses, dresses and more dresses. Am I really that materialistic? (Yes.) If that isn't enough to damn me to hell under the sins GLUTTONY and VANITY, then my shoe closet definitely did the trick. Is 40 pairs of shoes too many? Anyway, after basking in a large tub of middle-class guilt, I then went out and bought another pair of shoes. Retail FAIL, minimalism FAIL. And then I came home in my new shoes ($299 at that haven for reasonably priced footwear, The Shoe Shop, patent oxfords with giant rubbery wedges, yes I needed them.) and under the pretense of blogging, spent a wee bit of time surfing Need Supply.

Do you guys know about Need Supply? I did once and then totally forgot about it and saw a link of some blog or other and now am rediscovering how great and also reasonably priced it is. I need me some Need Supply. How do you normally tackle a multi-brand shopping site? I always hit category "Dresses" first. How predictable, considering my exceedingly well-organized closet (let's see how long that lasts) tells me my clothing collection is almost 50% dresses). But it was under "Tops" that I found the clincher. In what is becoming a weird pattern around here, I found another T-shirt that bears the likeness of my dog. Either my pup is a really popular motif (the fact that she highly resembles a fox/wolf might help) or... I've gone a bit crazy cat lady over my canine companion.

For those of you who aren't seeing Welsh corgi imagery in your grilled cheese sandwiches, there's also plenty of thread candy.

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  1. Walk-in closet? That sounds like the stuff of dreams. :) But yeah, I understand what you mean about minimalism. I've been culling my wardrobe this season and adding selective pieces to round it out.

  2. You're tempting me with those oxfords...where exactly is the Shoe Shop? I can't believe I've never heard of it! It sounds like a place I need to pay a visit to...

  3. Lisa: Alas, only ShoeGeek is lucky enough to have a walk-in closet. I'm still trying to stuff all my clothes in every nook and cranny I can find in my apartment!

    Rachelle: You should definitely check out the Shoe Shop. Both ShoeGeek and I have spent way too much money there. There's a branch on Stanley Street in Central and one in Causeway Bay near Lee Gardens.